On Reflection

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The person in the mirror is the reflection of all of your qualities, imperfections and aspects.

One day you will meet them, and from that moment, you will have always known them, and so you will meet every day.

They will know every feature, glance and alteration, because it is also theirs.

And they will love you, as you love, seeing them.

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Do You Really Want Peace?

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Is there a wall which you feel distracts or restricts your capability to live a life of peace?

It peace something one obtains; or, is peace something one can bring about within themselves?

An analogy which often comes to mind is that of the idea that the universe originated from a smaller-than-imaginable singular point. Let us combine this idea with the thought that what I call the fruit of Truth: freedom, love, generosity, joy and peace, are likened to a singular, totally whole and completeness.

Well, as we human beings happened from the Earth, we started playing games. We started playing the game that our foundation of identity is a thinking-self, separate from other thinking-selves.

When we believe ourselves to be separate, a division or conflict is naturally occurring. Deep down peace is the reality behind all of existence.It is ever-present and ready for us to…

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Cause everything I can live upto is Today.

Incomplete in my completeness

All I need is my nothingness

I regret having regret some weeks back

But now sadness is a distinct dream

I am thankful to your circuit breaks

Our Electric Vibes Might have been a sparkle sometime

But where I am now

All I know is how to be a princess

I am living my dream

NO 8 to 4 duty

NO burdens And No complications

I scream my respect to everyone

Whoever has been

I am thankful

as I carry on

I am my name

Nishita isn’t just a girl

On the roadside

with plans in her head

and future indeed

She is the one

who can make you believe

That a pencil

With feelings

A cardboard

With thoughts

A Balloon

Bright coloured

And A Bliss

With no hero

IS reality pleasure.

I am in love with my own real

. Living life this way

Cause everything I can live upto is Today.

Turning over a new leaf

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I read  through my last posts, and I saw that I’ve been really cranky, mean, and in general non likable. That’s not a good thing, I know. I’ve also been irregular and vague. When I started this blog, I was in a really bad mood. I posted once and forgot all about this for over a month. When I came back, I was in a bad mood again, and that reflected in the posts. I don’t want to treat the internet, and the few people who sometimes stumble upon my site, to feel like I’m just using this blog to yell and complain and crib about stuff that I don’t have the guts to say in real life. I didn’t make this to only complain.

I read quite a few blogs, and I feel so stupid because of them sometimes.

There’s Nishita from Walking to my dreams, who writes…

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His ever-changing thought rivalries.

He came back

After being a superman

He was tired

But didn’t forget

to bring funded surprises

He’s been a long salty river

And he has been nothing less than a giver

But because

He always thought of his worries

He has become a source

And nothing more

And nothing more

I repeat

But the focus of his ever-changing thought rivalries.

Workaholic Sessions Of Happiness.

Been On a Long Journey

Have my own

Workaholic Sessions Of Happiness

And all you’ve been is a pleasure to me

If you want then be my

Come And Go

If you want to stay

Make it a conditional for forever

If you want to be

Then be the house of cards

Or be my Coherent

Or Cohesive

However  you like

You have been a chocochip

In a universe full of chocolate

You are as easy to let go

As a brand new diamond Ring

But you’ve been is a pleasure

Thus, I feel grateful for your come and go

Been Grateful :)

Dreams are my reality, a different kind of reality…

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Sometimes I dream. Not nightmares. Dreams.

These things are rare, so I like to remember them as much as I possibly can because when something is scarce, people find them precious. This is one of the things that worth so little in the real world that in mine, it is worth no gem or secret of anyone.

So I have a boyfriend, someone might know this by referring to my posts about our dysfunctional long distanced relationship. Over the past three months, in his absence, I sought company in other guys. Not sexually, emotionally. I think I began to crave the gentleness of people in love, the kind of care that people devote onto others when they feel warmly towards them. It’s kind of magical, makes you feel light, fluffy – on a cloud kind of nice.

I don’t intend to let it extend further than what it is now…

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