Maybe youd lile to reconsider.

That word reconsider

Which you say often

Break young hearts of girls beyond recognition

Not that I want you to change which you possibly can’t

I want you to look down on the scars and the souls you have drowned.

My history is a proof to blame you.

Let there be no more sad customers to your everchanging words

Letno one be aware of how much they love

Keep out of their way you bighead

Dont take a war on the innocent

Who just found out life is more beautiful than your gifts.

Summer lovin’

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Good vibrations, just seconds after they kissed..!

Summer days, sometimes, make us remember all that good stuff
which we have forgotten that we have forgotten.

It’s a smile, it’s a kiss, it’s a sip of wine – it’s summertime
*Kenny Chesney – american country music artist*

B 61

Sometimes we focus so much on what we don’t have
that we fail to see, appreciate, and use what we do have
(Jeff Dixon)

I was angry because i had no shoes, but then I met a man who had no feet

Weekly photo challenge “Summer lovin’

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Originally posted on Bruitt Up:

Initially it began with your hunger,
now it lingers like a lost memory.
trust you blemished when you
righteously forced yourself inside me.
under the cover of mistakes,
denying that you were ever wrong.
even now, as I lay tied to this chair,
remember I didn’t want this, you demanded it all.

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Originally posted on Poetry On A Roll:

When times get tough,
my interior hardens up
and my exterior looks rough
like I’ve been wrestling with alligators.

When times get tough,
I want nothing more than to mope around
and hide away until things start looking up;
total isolation is my form of therapy.

When my interior hardens up,
it’s to shield the raging storm inside
from innocent bystanders who may
get caught in the crossfire of my misfortunes.

When my exterior gets rough,
I try to hide everything
about me that makes me human.
I usually forget that I am not
the only one who is suffering.

written by: Kimalee Jones

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And not each

Not each can find his way back,
not each can make a mistake and relax
not each can smile at their flaws
not each can look back and say hello,
i find myself often at your door,
where i have to ask,
‘Hello’ are you busy would you take out your mask ?
Would you mind if I call
you the one,
the one who has taken aback and is on its run.
Not each can pick up the shattered pieces,
not each can be decisive in their nature
not each can
and not each will
not each continues on the same path they did
not each replies when they are asked,
not each will be loved by their cramps
and not each will be remember after their dance
I am sand piece on the ground where you step the least
I am not as big as you are.
I am postponed
I am shocked by your ugly remarks,
Cause each couldn’t tell you
how they felt
I wrote this letter to you
when you happened to be the least in contact.