Goodbye, Love.

GoodBye October

Dear October,

In some more hours you’ll be  a memory, but you’ve been a delight, a pleasure, a blessing.

This month was a magical pathway through all the criticism, ignorance, breakups, goodbyes, HELLO’s, patchup’s, happiness, unseen changes, beautiful people, wonderful liars and oh so much more.

Can’t Stop Hyperventilating. I am in EUPHORIA.

I am in love with myself and october all I can say is I LOVE you.

Everyday I woke up to find a path full of surprises.

I carried myself as a princess.

I had that sparkle in my eye.

And I am in love with my nothingness.

From the very first day to the very end, I’ve been Hyperventilating and I am thankful.

One VERY IMPORTANT thing to note is


it does work life becomes a smoothing water-like runway, you get what you want, people love you, you are happy, you are insanely jumping, you are on time, your work gets better, your family is proud of you, your boss salutes you and at the end of the day you feel like infinity-energy because you are.

Ode To October:

I have had a transition

from the worst to the best

I have witnessed  situations

And I am happy as insane

I am thankful

And I’ve lovely people to die for

I have my idols and motivators

And noone changes

Everything in my nothing

And I I’d love to stay the same

I am jumping

Experiencing the never done before

People are kind

They are inspiring

And Oh

so much more

I am peaceful

Not used to so much

But I am thankful

And I love myself

And you all

Oh so much more

Their fights and no reason whateverness

Is so funny to see

And for the haters

I am shaking you off

I am the spectator

And they all are a beautiful scenery

I am in love

And I won’t deny the fact

But I am thankful and at peace

Satisfaction in heaves

Rainbows at feet

Sky at large

Taylor Swift in Heart

And oh so more

And oh so more

No sacrificing

Just a single word


You’ve been

I am in love with my nothingness

And to all the people who’ve made me smile

I am in tears cause I can’t thankyou enough.

Love you all and thankyou all.

<3 <3 <3

Hello November.. To Be Continued. :)




Futuristic Approaches



She asked the crowd

Will you remember me?

She had a doubt within

And wanted us to answer

She has painted skies

She knows romantics

She has every lover

She is my idol

And I will say


You’ve been an inspiration

A different thought

You’ve been Exceptional

I have no description

You are your name

Don’t let your faith stagger

I love you from within

Will you smile like you’re husband ?

I love you


I will



All the smiles 

All the jokes

All the lessons

All the emotional speeches

Nothing remains and nothing will

Cause we are 

Our own Nothingness.

I love you. <3 

There are 13 of Us.

In my thoughts

there are 13 of us

2 of cats

And the rest, homo sapiens

He is smart

He is killer

He’ll take you to distances you’ve never, heard of

5 young ladies

and 4 gentlemen

and my world is complete

No forever-ity needed.










I’ll treat them within

In love

In love within





Her Eyes.


She won’t


She won’t


She won’t


She won’t

What’s the matter

She won’t

Look at her eyes

And you know every unknown cry.

And she denies the fact.

She is a poem

Her parent’s divorced

Her family is not

But still she carries on

I see her in the little skirt

She is searching for that 4 letter word

She is finding her comfort


But she can’t and I know

So I tell her

Darling, braid you hair

Sit on your chair

and carry on

If he’s the one

he will come

And will love you perfectly.

And she denies

And she cries

She is betrayed

Her boyfriend’s bad

Her home is crappy

Confusions are happy

And I her tell that

She is beautiful at that

Stay Happy.

And she denies  that fact.

Allegory, the best way.

You were there

Caught a view of my despair

I carried on

In the wrong way

No one was there to guide

And I was blind

But today

What happened

I am delighted

Can’t explain

Can’t decipher

Can’t and I can’t