Act Good.

You ain’t have to do much

Just erase your name from my memory.

I cannot take your rants

or remnants

i cannot relax myself

when you scream

and call hell

I cannot

Mr. and Mrs.  Respectful.

Just erase your name from my memory

or act good as you rarely do.

The Pow.

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Have you ever had that one moment? that once moment of clarity when everything falls into place perfectly? Like a puzzle that solved itself and you just stared at it? Something that was in a haze but became crystal clear?

There’s a look on peoples faces, a shine in their eyes when they finally figure something out, when they find their clarity. That is one of the most precious moments of their lives, that one second of inspiration that does more than 10 hours of work.

Oh, that shine in the eyes and that look on the faces when people have their moment of clarity is what some call “The POW”, it comes like a punch in the gut making you realize things in a way so intense that you can never truly forget it.

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Am I all that?

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Society. Idealism. Perfection. Religion.

Am I all that? No.

Do I want to be all that? No.

Why should I be perfect or idealistic or even follow rules set blindly by my family?

People are art, they’re meant to be messed up and smudgy and honestly nobody is supposed to be anything near to perfect. Because that would be an illusion. Perfection is an illusion and society is the illusionist.

No, I’m not idealistic. 

No, I’m not perfect.

No, I’m not religiously tied down.

No, society doesn’t get to define me.

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All super-heroes please apply.

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I need to be saved. Saved from myself.

Yesterday was a bright day and I was sure it could have been brighter, it was a Sunday. Aren’t Sundays the happiest? I woke up early since I had a test and that too went well, I made plans with my friends to hang out in the evening. It was all going good.

But then something hit me, I realized I didn’t know where I was going in life. I have no plans for the future, nothing figured out and let’s face it nobody knows what tomorrow will bring, but what truly scares me is that all my friends, my closest ones have their careers and paths figured out and they’re all preparing for entrance tests which will be in the next six months. I have no plans, sure I have dreams, finish high school, major in Economics, continue my work with…

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Ms. A

If I were to state

I would say

You are a dis-balanced hormone

Kindly Balance your amount of negativity which flows

If I were to state

I would say

You are a word

Which has meaning so vaguely known

If I were to state

I would say

You are a virus

And nobody wants to know no more.

On A Cold Wintry Morning

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It was a cold wintry morning,

The early bird toiling hard with work.

I came out of my room, yawning,

My legs felt asleep , so I gave them a jerk.

I watched, as before my eyes the sun rose out from the darkness

As a dim light, as it teared through the kingdom of Night.

The mist rose with its sharpness

 as it defended its beloved with all its might.

But alas! It looked like it was their fate,

For their strength failed them against this foe.

The two lovers stood at their kingdoms’s gate

And were brought down by a single blow.

The light, flushed with pride, entered the land,

And was greeted with song and hymns.

For the subjects were joyous that their land

Was once again freed from wrongs and sins.

I watched, and a smile appeared on my face,

As I ran inside to…

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