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When times get tough,
my interior hardens up
and my exterior looks rough
like I’ve been wrestling with alligators.

When times get tough,
I want nothing more than to mope around
and hide away until things start looking up;
total isolation is my form of therapy.

When my interior hardens up,
it’s to shield the raging storm inside
from innocent bystanders who may
get caught in the crossfire of my misfortunes.

When my exterior gets rough,
I try to hide everything
about me that makes me human.
I usually forget that I am not
the only one who is suffering.

written by: Kimalee Jones

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And not each

Not each can find his way back,
not each can make a mistake and relax
not each can smile at their flaws
not each can look back and say hello,
i find myself often at your door,
where i have to ask,
‘Hello’ are you busy would you take out your mask ?
Would you mind if I call
you the one,
the one who has taken aback and is on its run.
Not each can pick up the shattered pieces,
not each can be decisive in their nature
not each can
and not each will
not each continues on the same path they did
not each replies when they are asked,
not each will be loved by their cramps
and not each will be remember after their dance
I am sand piece on the ground where you step the least
I am not as big as you are.
I am postponed
I am shocked by your ugly remarks,
Cause each couldn’t tell you
how they felt
I wrote this letter to you
when you happened to be the least in contact.


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Which section of me would you like the most?

Make it an application form question and I

will give you what you desire least.

We know that resentment lasts longer than love.

This way I will be with you eternally.

For longer than your oak casing can endure and longer

than the soil takes to absorb the good you left behind.

I’ll be there – unspoiled.

I balanced my heart on your white picket fence of

marital sorrow.

You left it straddling both sides of redemption and Shawshank -

not once committing fully to either state of grief.

I allowed you to enrol in my brain.

Now, you sit acerbically inside my head.

You control the ease of cleansing the faults in my thoughts

and monotony of my stars.

I no longer remember what other’s prejudice tastes like.

A small slice of yours will feed me fuller than before.


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An Ode To My Soul.

As they say everyday is not the same,
it is not the same,
When they call your name,
After a pause after an applause,
after aspeech, which is enough for you to breathe,
feel the moment cause you are worth it,
Change, try, cry, but don’t remain the same,
be the girl, you want to be,
be the girl, you ought to be,
for a moment when I lived my yesterday there was no hope,
that my happy today will arrive the next day,
Yes there’s no guarantee to your happiness hours,
but if you’ve read the secret
you surely know how to get the flowers,
my darling, life goes on
and that’s a constant,
which is in proportion to smile cartons,
Dearest sweety, my heart’s lady, this is an ode to you,
as they say, everyday is not the same,
It is not the same.

Inspiration: ‘She’s better than you’

I hate it when I’m brought down by another force,
and when people forget my name and I’m alone
I am a kind of different unknown,
knock me down and I’m on my toes,
when i see them fly, painting that sky,
their smiles are alive and sparks of neon lights
And I’m here on a broken chair,
with a heart that longs and ruin pieces,
people advise me to not continue
but the word change cannot argue,
there are those times, when you’re surrounded by pride,
and the coins in your hands, counts more than your FAM…
but where I stand now is a sad argument,
where the people behind are as bad as when I continue,
and if I’ll stay I’ll drown and if i dont I rather will have to,
so when I’m here in front of your face,
i hope you know that you are my lively snake,
like a coil of negativity you’ll surround,
and what is left of me, can’t deny,
Cause I fall in love easily,
don’t kind of underestimate the rest of me,
I’ll be a disaster before you,
and you have the perfect rivalry,
My love don’t you ever change for me,
don’t you ever be a better of thee.

Living Life This Way.

Caught in the middle of life,
Some things take you away in their ride,
Don’t get taken away by them
And this is what I learnt from
The principal of life
I was scared and astonished
I had no words and I was in pieces
But they say problems are inverted light rays
And they taught me to stay alive in this complex humanity race
I am not a perfectionist
I am just a dreamer, a believer who has and will live the way it comes
I am sorry that it went that way
But I promise tomorrow will not be the same
I take it as a lesson learnt from mistake
And I here stand to say I’m okay..
Okay after your eloping plans
Okay after your worldly clans
Okay after what you made me do
And here I say I’m sorry that you cant ccontinue.
This chapter has no continual part..