You like a “hi”

You dislike a “hi”

You want a “hi”

You respond to a “hi”

You hate meanness

You do mean things

You forget mean things

You repeat mean things

I heard you have no truth

I heard you are a lie

I heard you are a candle alive

I heard you have nothing

I heard you are someone.


Maybe I would Like to apologise

And tell you that it wasn’t a lie.

I have been locking my eyes at your each

And writing for you every day.

And the way your serious look

Killed my each, today.

Maybe I would Like to

apologise for my each.

First Look.

It seemed wrong

But it was never

right from the starting

I went along

I never thought

that it was ever a single sided look-see relation

I loved you never


I was connected in the most different way

I am a stranger

He is North Pole

I am South Pole

And we have everything in between.

I said words

I can still recall

How you turned your face

You looked at me in disgust

You looked at me in your serious eye look

It seemed that it was the first time

The very first time

But  I have been looking at you

from the last 2 years

And today it felt all wrong

But I reconciled  myself

by saying that it was never right.

I uttered words

Words unheard

I gave a pause of 1 second

And I walked away.

I walked away.

I walked away.

Act Good.

You ain’t have to do much

Just erase your name from my memory.

I cannot take your rants

or remnants

i cannot relax myself

when you scream

and call hell

I cannot

Mr. and Mrs.  Respectful.

Just erase your name from my memory

or act good as you rarely do.

The Pow.

Originally posted on SeveenteenSomething:

Have you ever had that one moment? that once moment of clarity when everything falls into place perfectly? Like a puzzle that solved itself and you just stared at it? Something that was in a haze but became crystal clear?

There’s a look on peoples faces, a shine in their eyes when they finally figure something out, when they find their clarity. That is one of the most precious moments of their lives, that one second of inspiration that does more than 10 hours of work.

Oh, that shine in the eyes and that look on the faces when people have their moment of clarity is what some call “The POW”, it comes like a punch in the gut making you realize things in a way so intense that you can never truly forget it.

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