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Fringe of Fringe DIY

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Originally posted on M&J Blog:

We’re huge fans of hair accessories at M&J Trimming, but what about those times when you need hair AS an accessory? This DIY will show you how to create a stunning hairstyle using trim that you can wear out and about to completely change your look. You might even be mistaken for Zooey Deschanel!

Fringe Materials

What You’ll Need:

Metal headband

4” Chainette Fringe



Cutting Fringe1. Measure your trim around the headband, and cut so that there is an inch or two of metal on both sides of the headband.

Gluing Fringe to Headband 2. Put E6000 glue onto the metal headband, and gently press the fringe trim on the glue.

DSC_00793. Let it dry before wearing.

Finished Fringe as Fringe

Now you’re ready to go out in style! If you fancy another type of fringe, try something in suede or even beaded for a night on the town!

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