Don’t Let The Child Die.

A Paradise Of Expressions..

Children are, in many ways, better than most adults. Because for an adult, and I’m talking usually about any adult; It may be a middle class type person, a filthy beggar, or a great big millionaire. For them, life usually has only a specific reason. They are self- centered. They follow things blindly. They accept something blindly without thinking about it. Yes, I think if these reasons were taken away from them, they wont be able to live long.

But in case of a child…. thats a different story altogether. You might have seen small children pestering their parents about “What’s that Mommy?”, or ” What’s that Daddy?”. And the parents answering them as patiently as they can. You see, when a child is born, he may grow with his mother’s love  and his father’s care, but he is born with God’s eyes. Eyes that look to the world with wonder…

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