Three girls


one was shivering

it was raining

reality unfolds before you

that girl was shivering

the thoughts were rebellious

The thoughts were creative

but they were contradicting

3 more joined from the back

walking slowly

walking fast

walking while skipping heart beats

We went inside

we hugged Ms. superior

Names to be omitted all the time

She asked why we were here,

And this girl said

because we want to talk

before she could spill the beans

the other saved her dreams

So we called the gentleman

the hero

He was dressed

it was his farewell

And she turned her back

waiting for the gentleman


He came out

and touched the feet of Ms. Superior

He,  walked out of the restricted area

to meet the call of his stranger caller.

The heroine’s friend were asked by the hero

about who called him

But I turned my face

Cause Ms. Superior was standing in front of me

and at the back of me

And my principles stopped me.

And this what she learned

She turned her face

Just like the movies

all her friends

yelled her name

But she turned her face

This was the same film scene

But she turned her face

He went back again.

Later she wrote a letter to him

Thanking him

for all his goodness

and all his badness

they are liars and strangers on the same string

They are unknowns

And hopefully like in the movies

that hero must have read his loveletter

not wanting a reply or a ping back

a thankyou letter.

Mr. K I bid you a goodbye.


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