I can

Whimsical Notions

I can…I think I can be your man,
I can be the understand to your misunderstood,
I can be the bad to your good that’s only skin deep (can I go deeper?),
I can be jazz to your blues, the hint of your clues (no Joe),
but do you know? do you really know? That I think I love you tho,
I can be that momentary explosion that keeps you up the rest of the night,
If I could allude without being too rude or losing tact…I think I might anyway,
your body’s my sheet and my lips a pen that’ll trace your curves cursive…your my masterpiece and I your Hemingway,
but…I can..I feel that I could break you,
lose you in feels, reform your ideals, but that’s being presumptuous isn’t it?
I can be deep in you, be deep in your form…be deep in your cl…ever words that draw…

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