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Whimsical Notions

Ok…I’ll try to pretend to be you
And imagine that I’m the dude that’s stalking/loving/needing you
“You’re such a creep sometimes”
“You need to relax…you’re too eager”
“Oh you want to be my boyfriend, well keep dreaming”
“Lol…you what now?”
Ok…pretend ended
It still hurts like f*ck even if it’s my imagination
Don’t deny that you’ve never said shit like this to me
All I’ve ever wanted was for us to be…you know more than friends
Without forgetting the friendship…of course
And then I imagine what it’d be like if we were together
The scenarios always lead to a tragic end
I’m afraid…of me…of being inadequate
I’m afraid I’ll never love you enough…or love you too much
I abhor my frailty and my incapability to keep things “simple”
You tell me “just go with the flow” and we’ll probably end up together
WTF?! Could you have at least made your…

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