My Being, Your Slave.

while it's here.

NOTE: Not been through any of this. I don’t need the experience to write this stuff down. Okay thanks.

My desires were untouched.
I took care to lock them
Up inside myself.
Threw that key some lifetimes ago.
Until you entered.
My fantasies got the spark to ignite.
Untamed since then.

Each time your hair touched my skin,
It shivered.
Each time that collar bone show,
I saw art.
Each time you kept your hand on me
Numbness ran through.
Each time you ran your fingers on my scars,
I could feel the pain again.

Every lipstick stain on my chest,
Was a reminder of your presence.
Each hickey,
Made me stronger.
Your lips,
Your kiss,
Each time you walked past bare,
I saw a masterpiece.

The way you held me
Against the wall,
Your bare body pushing mine,
Bit my lower lip
and then told me

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