Things you learn in your Twenties

Love With The Lights On


1. Not everyone is going to love you. Let’s face it, you’re never going to be everyone’s cup of tea; you will be too loud, too quiet, too hard or too soft. As we get older, we understand this and realise that actually, it’s okay, because we can’t please everybody.

2. Mum & Dad can’t always save the day. When you are 16, your problems are never your own. Mummy and daddy will be there to get you out of the silly teenage mess you’ve made and then you can go ahead and repeat the same mistakes over and over again until that one horrifying day when they simply don’t want to know. Now you’re screwed, you have to grow up, and that’s no fun.

3. Friendships will change. Your high school Siamese twin suddenly wants to remove you from their hip and you realise you have nothing in common with them anymore. You’re undergoing…

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