A tinge of me..!!



Quick, the world is;
fast; running;
and it’s all a flash.
Noisy, hustling
and buried into
“defined lifestyles”.
I am in the parade too.
In a spurt
past strangers
and loved ones;
frisking time;
scheduling life!!

Or else,
I keep looking
into the expanse,
of the earth,
its innocence;
the extension,
I try to absorb;
Contours filling me,
the silence I engulf !!

And I sink into myself,
deeper and submerged,
trying to dissect what I am.

Only to realise,
I am the chunk in the commotion,
and in the turbulence;
along with the calm in the noiselessness;
the placid pacific aura that whispers into me.

It’s all myself;
brewed across seasons,
tamed in strife,
bathed in compassion,
gracefully cherished!!

As I again smile at myself.
Dissecting me,
into what I am;
Another Unplanned Arbitrary Personage!!

The photograph was taken by one of my friends, when we were on…

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