2nd March

Thankyou Letter 2nd March

1. Thankyou for mother. She is incredibly sweet.
2. Thankyou for dad. He is amazingly kind.
3. Thankyou for Harshita. She is the most lovable kind of creature.
4. Thankyou for 100 best friends. They are lovely, amazing and incredible. They are like soul sisters. They are passionate, graceful and exquisite. I am honoured to have them πŸ™‚
5. Thankyou for my height. I embrace it. Thankyou for my height πŸ™‚ Thankyou for making me 1.8m tall. πŸ™‚
6. Thankyou so much. Thankyou for my truthful and balanced relations with people.
7. Thankyou for allowing me to travel to places I love. Thankyou for always making things easy for me.
8. Thankyou for providing me with everything that I like.
9. Thankyou for working for me My Genie.
10. You make me love myself more truly each second. Thankyou.
11. Thankyou for surrounding me with enchanting people. πŸ™‚

12. Thankyou for Ushmita. She is a great friend, she is understanding.
13. Thankyou for Breakfast- Lunch- Dinner. They were Yummy πŸ™‚
14. Thankyou for Samika, she is so nice.
15. Thankyou for Anahita, She is extremely friendly. πŸ™‚
16. Thankyou for Ishaani, She is lovable πŸ™‚
17. Thankyou for Eshita. For her kind support.
18. Thankyou for Clouds, they made me smile ❀
19. Thankyou for Rain. I love it. It is always refreshing πŸ™‚
20. Thankyou for the storm. Thankyou so much. It was mischief served in Mother's dish. πŸ™‚
21. Thankyou for good health. I am filled with pure gratitude for it.
22. Thankyou for the messages. πŸ™‚
23. Thankyou for the beautiful reveries. They made me smile πŸ™‚
24. Thankyou all organs for your perfect functioning. πŸ™‚
25. Thankyou Megha for making me smile.
26. Thankyou Sleep πŸ™‚ You are always a sweetheart.
27. Thankyou for green tea πŸ™‚
28. Thankyou for television sessions. Yeah!
29. Thankyou for Lindsay Lohan's Biopic.
30. Thankyou for Xiomi. Thankyou for Laptop. Thankyou for technology. Thankyou for youtube πŸ™‚
31. Thankyou for all the kind support and love πŸ™‚
32. Thankyou for all the time I spent playing with the cool kids,
33. Thankyou Hillary Duff for β€œI am all about You” and β€œchasing the sun”.
34. Thankyou Taylor Swift for being wonderful.
35. Thankyou for making me feel good about myself.
36. Thankyou for letting me have infinite faith.
37. Thankyou for everything and everybody. πŸ™‚
38. Thankyou Nishita. πŸ™‚


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