Cause I am 3rd Grader At Heart

Imagine If
I kissed you every morning
And I told you about my dreams,

Imagine if
I went with you every morning to my school
And later you went to work

Imagine if
I did all my schoolwork and studied like a brilliant kid
And came home to see your face smile.
Imagine if
You came to pick me up everyday
And came with a snack box
on which handwritten notes were laid

Imagine if
We went for a walk each evening
And we sat in the grass
And laid there
and gazed at the sky

Imagine if
We each had 100 best friends to die for.

Imagine if
we loved each other madly

Imagine if
we ate food together

Imagine if
we lived in a world without wifi and technology

Imagine if
I was your favourite
And you were mine too.

Imagine if
we wee crazily happy
with each other together.

Imagine if
we played together
any sport
And whichever youlike.

Imagine if
we went for holidays
All over the world

Imagine if
you were always calm
and always listened to my everchanging mindset


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