Smiling, cause they said.

Bed, like a mother

Provides warmth- that comforts and energises my blood

Walls, like my dreams

Reminds me of my aspirations

Human beings, like lovers

Flaunt our signature memories

Friends, like 100 in count

Teach me to dress up-to stlylize my heart

Family-like lions

teach me to howl- for nothing works without a voice

Teachers like Fairies

Make me write my Euphoria.

It is like their eyes are my camera

It is like their retina, is my movie screen

They stand to pay respect.

They try and realise, Curly hairs ruin Ā violence

Curly hairs are their own judges

Curly hairs make the best friends

Introverts are the best kind of Extremers.

And it feels like time returns to smile at her.

Smiling, cause they said.

Smiling, cause he said.

Smiling, cause she said.

Smiling, cause he wanted.

Smiling, cause of my lovers and my secret.

Smiling cause 100 is


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