Cruelty Of Society.

We are directionless. We are hopeless. We are moveless. We are bangless. We are speechless. We are freedomless. We are formless. We are despicable. We are crazeless. We are dreamless.  We are romanceless. We are lifeless. We are funless. We are selfless. We are emotionless. We are careless. We are nothing. But…… WE WERE Born to be.

What do those Birds up in the sky eat? Do they nibble the clouds for their dinner or Eat a star or two. -Enid Blyton



We all are energy particles, we are not waste.

We all are love particles, we aren’t critics’ comments.

We all are lovely, we weren’t born to be bullied.

We all were born to be loved, we weren’t born to cut ourselves.

We all were born to take selfies, we weren’t born to see other people’s paps.

We all live to live, we don’t live to survive.

We all have dreams, we are not diseased.

We all weren’t born to die, we all were born to establish our signature name.

We all are names, We ALL ARE OUR NAMES.

Nothing defines us, there are no limits, there are no reasons to do what you love, there are no boundaries.

We live in a limitless and a bountiful atmosphere.
WE all are and can have and should have what we desire and want and dream of.

One little Request: Stop loving the bad, you weren’t born to sell your love. it always seems a great idea to send a big heart emoji to somebody you hardly care about, why? Think?

It always seems like a great idea to love the unloved and then let that  creature scream and shout. It always seems like a  wonderful idea to love the popular girl for no reason, without even knowing her. It always seems like a great idea to hook up with a stranger and sell your love in a blink of an eye.

Do you even respect yourself?

Wait, have you ever kissed yourself. ?

Wait, have you ever looked at yourself. ?

Wait, do you even know yourself. ?

Wait, do you even live  your life ?

Or wait….

Are you just waiting to die ?
Why does being optimistic always hurt?

Why can you always be sad and confused easily?

Why can you not love yourself?

Why can you not think about your dreams?

Why can’t you picture your happiness?

Why can’t you start this moment with another mindset?

Why do you listen to their old and regular classic, and believe that you don’t deserve a better chance at life?

Why don’t you live?

The Answer:

We were born in a society where they teach us that for being a great person or a popular person you need that shine, you need that sparkle.

This is the definition of success, that ambiguous lustre.

But wait, can we buy that?

Were we born with that?

Can you see that, glitter?

Well, they said, that no, it comes from somewhere and it goes there, somewhere.

I can’t bear those nonchalant smiles,

I can’t bear the feeling of not being up to the mark

I can’t handle this pressure, of being abused- used- dejected-wasted each time.

And now I think it is time that we should stand against this cruelty of society.

Nothing was ever easy and nothing will ever be.

Criticising and making fun of each other’s dreams, saying that one is not capable or one doesn’t deserve the position, well all of these comments and all these attitudes need to be treated right.

Let’s stand up and wage a war against this,

because today we will face this

tomorrow our children will

and the next time our family will.

Let us all stand against society, let us not believe in their sayings or ideas, let us do what we want.

Or else listening to them will be as good as burning our ownselves.


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