Him And I

The truth is

we (him and I)

we are good


good as a lie.

In a  whatsapp history

on his mind

we are alive,

on demand,

continual scene.

(Him and I)

You can if you could

Try if you last

But let me tell you

I am not a girlfriend who lasts

I am a writer to keep

an editor to keep,

I am not a dress,

I am a Shirt-Strictly,

Well, can’t ease your pain,

Can’t romance with you,

Strictly no, till you say hello.

And till I know, we’ll dance that night,

Some more years to go,

we’ll dance,

And you’ll ask me to take you home,

But even that night,

All I’ll do is

I can do

I will do is

give you a flying kiss,

Cause I need wild and dangerous,

If not that,

then writers are happy as poets,

And poets are happy as singles,

And singles are happy as me,

And I am happy as mine.


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