Like A Chorus – Yesterday’s Calling.

Called you up like a promise

Cause I loved you more than you, and I’m honest

Love is a bitter-sweet vine, ofcourse

And yesterday you  let me decay, like a chorus.

But, thankyou again, cause I am always  passionate

of loving the wrong.

Well, now my 100 won’t leave you

Now my lovers, wont see you

Now my dreams won’t meet yours

Now I will not sell mine, Love and cash included

None of my texts will show up

None of my poems will be for you (leaving )

None of my sweetness will meet your lies

None of my lines will meet your likes

All my warning will stand for you

You’ll never be again on my hatelist

I will not be a nice – mannered lady, ever again

But 20- of you,

made me realise,

I was meant to be broken

I was meant to cry

as I had to realise

My love for my 100 and for my skin.

Thanking you, while being your chorus.


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