#12 Random but true!


Nobody really cares. Everyone is about priorities.

You, me and everyone else. There is not one person who genuinely gives a fuck.

You are alone in this world. Eventually everybody ends up alone.

Trust stays only for a while, only once. Love comes and goes.

Mostly it’s not even love, you just want someone.

Exactly what someone pointed out to me the other day,

Mostly you are just plain horny.

Many of you might be able to relate to me.

Because everyone has loved and cared at least once; lost a friend, lost trust at least once.

This is the only truth that stands forever.

Alone you’ll be strong. Your thoughts won’t be governed by others.

Most of all loyalty won’t be a problem, emotions won’t interfere.

You ask, why stay alone?

Why not believe in love?

Why not trust people?

Why not have friends?

Here’s your answer.

It’s easier…

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