Closer to you

You have reserved a place in your heart for me,

And I like I am,

I continue, respectfully,

You make me sit next toyou , 

You make me talk yo you,

You make me tall, when I’m not,

You make love for me,

 You do those things that I feel okay with,

You check my moods, you are the reason to it,

I like mine truthfully, sit in a corner,
In each class, and each subject,

You make me accompany you,

Your eyes, I see, have worked a truth,

I feel the feels, you make me do,

And I like a mannequin 

Is waiting, as I groove,

When we sat alone in work,

When we sat together in chorus,

You are a love,

That takes me on

On a journey which is tumultuous 

I like the way you are,

But this love is taking me nowhere but, closer to you. 

I quote, kiss on the lips era. 


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