unstandardised love

And the last day,

Wasn’t the same,

I sat there, not alone,

But without you, forlorn

That last day, 

Wasn’t the same,

I was betting on my heart,

As I skipped all their warnings,

Baby, love is not what I want

Respect me and take my heart,

Relation not a girlfriend,

Baby do you understand

I want to stay with you,

If all it means

Is that I can take your hand,

And sing to my dreams,

I want you,

If all this means is

I can kiss you while not being 

Another girl,

I do not want to take your heart,

Do not even think

To take mine apart,

Let’s take this to another level,

Tear this cliche

And make a trouble,

Runaway like we own a bubble,

Baby, in the moment,

You are all I want,

And I know you want me too,

But this girlfriend is not going to expose her truths,

You’ll have to

Be a nice guy,

Just take her hand,

And goodbye,

To all those faces which criticised her lines,

Baby, let this love not be standardised,

Baby, let us take another path,

Travel like wanderers with a map,

Be my honey,

But do not be a little, another guy.


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