Walk me again.

I remeber you used to,

And still youwill 

I remember we were,

And still are,

So let me put it clearly 

In words you can hear,

I have been kind of missing you,

I can hear you saying,

Honey sit right next to me,

I can feel your hands around me,

In an insignificant manner,

Not that they ever wanted me,

They lingered on my skin,

I can remember everything,

We did,

Was it a movie, we made,

You were my April love,

You ruined me,

You grew me,

You flawlessly carved me,

Of course, it was like 

I was a Barbie, and you were my Ken,

But long are these distances,

Long heard is your voice,

And if ever again,

I see your face,

I’ll be in mere dust pieces,

You can walk me again.


4 thoughts on “Walk me again.

    1. Thankyou so much. This poem is from my life, a part of it. I am glad to hear the fact that you liked it. I wish he finds me soon too. I found him while I was petting my insecurities, he found me while he felt alone.

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