The Physics Schedule

a degree divides itself 

In an arc minute

Divides itself into an arc second,

All lost in the fury of parallax.

And we learn,

Then we forget as easy, 🙅🏻

Astronomincal unit, between the lovers of galaxies, 

Between me and you, are nano metres not measured,

In direct scale.

We move on to significant figures, 

But no moods are, 

because you can either physics

or take care of your baby like emotions,

And zero coming here can be significant, 

But just in the next question it’ll be insignificant, 

It is like they have their own, tricks, 

And we are the slaves, as it seems 

Who have to understand these nonchalant schemes.

And then comes the most evil character, the maths, 

And maths, is already what it is,

Let’s not talk about its tortures on us, 

May these be shortlived.

And then we come to tan and cos 

And what not, 

Physics keeps ignoring, that we have other things to do too,

But then this is the exclusive physics schedule, 

And no one can play cool. 

And just as I finished studying, my weekend got over.

And I was to worry, about this physics schedule. 


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