Who was May?

I was studying chemistry last night, while a month changed. 

It was 12:40 and a month changed.

I was doing my numericals and a month changed.

I was deep in my thoughts, when a month changed. 

This is to My May .

So, a month happened. A 31 days period happened. Well, we need to do go back a little and remember all that happened in this month.

1st May: The Friday, When I was crowned as the Vishwas House Vice Captain.

2nd May and 3rd may : Members Of Holiday gang

4th May- 8th May :

Friends, hangout : 11th Class, school memories 🙂

9th and 10th May: Members of Holiday Gang

Sunday: Get together, Party, chicken ❤

11th May – 15th May Chemistry and its after effects.

I shake it off : chemistry? Who is chemistry. Anyway?

16th May and 17th May : Summer begins ❤

17th May – 29th May : Internship

30th and 31st May : Members of holiday gang.

To the month of Love, Happiness, Friends, New People, learning , experiences and crazy wild dreams.

To the month, where the 10th class’ result came.

To the month, where I let go of my shy side.

To the month, where I saw many 12 oclock’s

To the month where I painted my whole room, in mine and my sister’s dream.

To the month of 600 followers.

To the month of corporate internship.

To the month of chemistry equations.

To the month of my sister and my moments.

To my summer holidays.

To my youtube channel 🙂

To my 100 Best friends. ❤

To my health !

Thankyou May.

I thankyou my May.

Who is June, Anyway?



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