My virtual image of you

My mind asks me ,

How many days it’s been

My mind replies too,

It says no more than a month,

But I have been thinking more than constantly,

When I’ll see your face after weeks full of days,

I bet I will forget about these emotions, 

Like a fire forgot how to chill,

I have a virtual image of you, deep down my heart, 

My answer is still a no, 

And it will be till the day, I don’t fall for you completely, 

I am not in love, not even near it, 

But somehow I am onto writing compositions on you,

Line after line, memory after memory,

And all that can turn these poems to none, 

Is your face I would like to see in real, 

Your voice I would like to hear on the phone, 

Your text, but texting is still an evil.

So, I’ll leave by saying, 

If you’re reading this, you ought to know, 

You are a trick master. 

Before, anything else happens,

I will take your leave, do tell your real future wife about me. 

A virtual image of you. 


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