I started writing in 7th grade, and at that time I was a very pessimist lady. All my poems used to be about the feeling related to after break up maths.

Then, seasons changed, and I  started writing about my friend’s relations, and human behavior in normal.

And then, I attained my present style of writing, today I write about my relations with people, people’s nature, my thankyou letters, my confessions, my regrets, and my diaries.

And I for some reason, have never liked reading books, I remember when I was in third grade, and we used to have library classes, I could never finish a book, they used to be plain- pain. Today, I am still the same girl, I do not read, in fact I cannot read those famous novels written by the much famous Authors, somehow all I can read are poems.

Poems, are the way I can express myself, there are neither questions or queries, nor any regrets or theories, it is a way my mind can lay down all its emotions. Each kind of emotions 🙂

To the guys who loved me, to the people who hated me, to the organisms who ruined me, to the humans who disgusted me. Thankyou 🙂

So I have been nominated for 5 awards and here is my thankyou letter for them :


Nominations By:

1. : Versatile Blogger Award 🙂

2. : The Versatile Blogger Award, The Real Neat Blog Award, Beautiful Blog Award

3. :  The Dragon’s Loyalty Award 🙂

Thankyou to these beautiful people  

Versatile Blogger Award

The Rules:

  1. Post the award nomination on your blog, thank the person who nominated you.  Include the link to their blog on the
  2. Post 7 interesting facts about yourself by answering the questions from the person who nominated you, then ask 7 questions of your own to be answered by your nominees.
  3. Nominate 15 bloggers,  include links to their blogs.
  4. Notify your recipients about the VBA nomination.
  5. Display the award on your blog.

The real neat blog award :The rules for the award go like this:

Insert the award logo onto your post.
Answer the seven questions they asked you.
Thank the blogger who nominated you.
Nominate other bloggers and ask them seven questions and let them know you’ve nominated them!

Rules of the Dragon’s Loyalty Award

  1. Accept the award with thanks and smile your favourite smile.
  2. Give your readers 5 facts about you.
  3. Nominate other bloggers and let them know.

Beautiful Blogger Award : The Rules
Link to the blogger who took the time to nominate you. List seven random things about yourself. Nominate seven creative, beautiful bloggers. Notify the amazing people that you nominated for the award.

Versatile Blogger Award Question- Answers: sunesiss

7 Things I have learned from life:
– You learn, the same things, hard way or easy way, or shortcut way.

– We all worry about the same thing, in a different manner.

–  Love can heal everything 🙂

– Smile, is the best start-up ❤

– We all make mistakes, and it is totally fine 🙂

– We got to enjoy life, before it runs out.

– We all are the same, just different names. 🙂

Versatile Blogger Award Question- Answers:  Akhiz munawar

1. Whats your Favorite Genre of Music ? Country ❤
2. Name of your Favorite author, your favorite book? I do not read books.  But then it has to be Jack Canfield, The Chicken Soup Series.
3. Whats your favorite TV show ? Put up Fox Life or TLc or NDTV GoodTimes, all of them 
4.  What advice would you like to give yourself if you get a chance to travel; 10 years back in time?  I am 16, when I was 6 I was a cool person, so no problems there. But if I had to give myself an advice it has to be when I was 13, I’d like to tell her that you are a gorgeous lady and people will love you anyhow, and that she had to not be that cruel on herself, and let go of her fears. 
5. Again if you are given a time machine to see and visit the wonders of these civilization at their prime where will you go?… a. The Egyptian Civilization b. The Mayan Civilization c. The Mohenjodaro (Indus valley) civilization d. The Middle Ages (Europe and central Asia) e. The Mughal Empire f. Jurassic Period  I’d love to go to the d option.

6. Your Favorite Quote ? Be good to people it is a wonderful legacy to leave behind .
7. What are your thoughts on Coffee? I love coffee insanely 🙂 So I am lover.

Things About Me:

1. I have started this thing #100BestFriends, and under this thing I have made so many new friends, it has been amazing 🙂

2. I have started a YouTube Channel 🙂

3. I have 2 teachers in my life who are my idol, Ms. Hema Sharma and Ms. Dipti Chawla ❤

4. I love water rides.

5. I am scared of sitting on bikes.

6. I love watching romantic movies.

7. I am day dreamer ❤

My Questions:

1. What is your dream job?

2. What is the most difficult thing in your life?

3. Who would you be if you’d get a chance to be?

4. If you were allowed, what one change you’d like to bring?

5. You have as much money as you want, next what?

6. What does love mean to you?

7. Extrovert / Introvert?

For Versatile Blogger Award and The Real Neat Blog Award I Nominate:

Bloggers I Nominate Beautiful Blogger Award :











Bloggers I nominate for Dragon’s Loyal Award :











Thankyou to everybody who nominated me, and though of me.

I am blushing at midnight, writing this post, without a coffee 🙂

For now goodnight ❤

Nishita 🙂

With this post done, I have been now nominated for total 21 awards.

Love ❤ Stay Beautiful


5 thoughts on “Sunshines-June

  1. Firstly congratulations on so many awards.
    Also,thank you very much for nominating me for two blog awards.
    It’s great you started the youtube channel,share the link with your fellow bloggers maybe?
    And country music is great.I am preparing myself to reply to this prompt and will notify you once I do.

    Liked by 1 person

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