Final Conclusions.

A little early to fall

Is a girl who has never loved

After all, 

She has been herself all along,

These gentlemen are caring and tall

Their different names, and handsome deeds

The way they walk, the way they treat,

They make you realise, life isn’t about being single,

They try to mingle,

They try to tickle your fears,

You lose them for a new hope, 

You try and get involved,

And carelessly or as you stepped,

You walk home back, rewinding each scene

Each moment, 

I have spent with them

I have a letter to write,

And idea to mind,

They cry your name, just when they need,

Their face can be your lucky charm

Their too good to fall for,

Those early promises, 

Of I will be your friend more, 

They slowly are turned to complaints,

Then it is no more they,

But you the one, 

Left to take care,

Then it is no more him, 

But only me, who has to mind my business,

His easy words, and sweet expressions, 

And nice ideas are everything she wishes for,

And the way it crawls,

Are those ghosts alive,

And we are complaint just for more, 

Those April love letter, or July I want you more, 

Or those may yearning for your face seeing , 

Are nothing but clarified queries that I am left wondering if this 

Wish is one sided 

Left to fall. 

It is a teenage love, 

Started from above 

Breaking down to insecurities , 

It is a I want you, transiting into she wants you, 

Lasting for an eternal race, 

It is a I do not know , after I do not know, 

After your complex- un-married expressions, 

And she was waiting for flowers on her desk, 

Not physical but mental health, 

She is growing up with a fragile love, 

And an ideal you image,

And she has woken up to find herself, 

Lying on her bed. 

From phone calls to emails, 

And chats for no reasons, 

From okays, to you are great, 

And impressive emoticons, 

From those affectionate messages to 

Why are you not here lines,

 From what she said before, 

To you saying the same things, 

When she is being angry-

When you just can’t believe,

From her un-deserved wishes 

To your real dying expressions, 

This is a story I have been living 

With gentlemen unknown ,

This is what  I was worrying till 

Three was lucky enough, 

It isn’t real fiction, 

But exaggerated thoughts, 

But when you are a girl with passion

Men linger in thoughts,

No I do not desire anymore, 

None of your smiles, 

No I cannot afford you anymore,

Cause my heart has cried on fire, 

And gentlemen are sweet and kind

Till friendship is a truth

And when you decide to try a chance

You ruin a girl who has been good.


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