Abstract Memories Of fears

Deformable structures 

Of calcareous shells and notochord , 

Same ideas 

Same life, 

We dive in different levels of dangerous waters 

And then scream

A science student feels 

Let’s out her physics miseries with her chemistry love and biology’s want 

We all are just troubled, 

And we are prone to moods, 

We are epicentres to depressing words, 

And are resistant to happiness, 

July has seen me crawl-creep-walk-run-jump,

Life is , and it will always be a rough sketch of road, 

We live in our scars and paints, 

We live in our pains and stains, 

But we are made of magic, 

And now and then we love -hate, lay and drown, 

Not even near to misery, 

Today holds the best of me, 

I hold the best of it, 

And words flow, no control, 

To let a soul live, I cage a page,

We are all listening to success stories, 

Not knowing , that our histories our are 

Continuals of life changing seconds, 



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