Land X

Belles-Lettres Of Kothari

Dear, I welcome you to my world
Where faces are mechanic jokes
Where people fight for unwanted
And laugh when they are knocked down by another opportunity
I’ll show you how they survive in this land called X
Where what happens remains a secret to some specials
Where people are materialistic they are made of sand box
They are not happy they are puppetry shows
Where movies shock people and love is their game
Where I am happy in my little
And what’s yours can remain locked doors,
Where when I fall its on my own
And when I rise I’m my nations pride
Where when I’m happy it is not so good
And when I am disappointed I am drunk enough to be blamed
I live in this place where people don’t love they throw money watch the show
And see glasses break prices of sandstone
If I’m magnesium…

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