What I Want To Do In Two Years

Belles-Lettres Of Kothari


Goodevening! This is Nishita here, following is the article that I wrote:
“We need love but all we want is danger”. If this life was all about simple bonding and mere calculations, you and I would have certainly not dwelled into it. We or I were born for a reason, let the stars name our honours. My plan for my life, take a ticket to Australia, get my medical degree there in the Melbourne or Sydney university, best yearns for best; and then carry my luggage to another continent my heart likes. If we listen to society, we might end up becoming society, I’d like to entertain my weird wants of this wondrous world.
Their questions are senseless when it comes to my logic. I today chose Australia, cause I have a base there, it is a country that interests me and ofcourse cause it is a country which…

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