What is the kiss on the lips era ? 

Life is a blank page, and we all are wanderers, we have our maps but they are subject to change, there are conditions, and possibilities, rejections and new discoveries. We are all made up of the same blood.

Our lives are our thoughts, and we are left to wonder how is that possible. To be more certain about who we are, where are life’s are going, what are we going to become, and how is this all happening, aLl we need to do is, sit under the fan, I call this the under fan feeling. If I define this feeling, I would put it like this : it is a type of condition, in where you lie on the bed just under the fan, there is no sound in your background, you can only hear the sound of fan, and in that moment time stops; you feel like you have entered another phase of life, an infinite stage, which seems to look forever, all your worries, complication , scheduling, problems die, in an instant. Whenever I cannot take life anymore, I lie under the fan, and in the peace of a moment, I rejuvenate.

Walkingtomydreams13 is a forum through which a girl, who had big dreams, let her ideas flow, and raise, many people came, loved me-inspired me- raised me- and grew with me.  I started writing when I was in grade 8th, and today I am in grade 11th. I started writing, because I was a pessimist , I thought there was death all around, many phases dissolved their solutions into my solute, I continued.

Last year, to be precise i lived a year of bravery and religious fun, I read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, and it changed my life.  I was living in my 10th academic year, it was around my birthday, to be accurate 7-8days before, 24th of September,  and what I lived after on was titled   “A DAYDREAM”, that is how I refer to my last year, my October-November-December-January-February-March were dipped into aqueous solutions of love, freedom, excitement, craziness, amazement, newness, foreverity, hyperventilation, I  cannot describe how perfectly built were my months of wonderment.

This year, according to my academic year I started my Kiss On The Lips Era, now I wasn’t really able to define it until today, when I am writing this post. What is a kiss?  And who is this Mr? Is he the guy next door? Or your April love? Well, here I am today to define my definitions of abstract living with titled months.

And you reading this is the person who is going to know more about me than my a-mintue-ago-old self.

Fact, I never fell in love and I am a still an unkissed lady, then why kiss on the lips era?

My lover is my sky, who I fell in love with last September, external forces present themselves, I walk through them each day, and it is just not about me, we all go through these living obstacles, each one of us, whether it be the test next day or the teacher who doesn’t like us or the boy who embarrassed you or the friend who betrayed you or the maths you hate, and the physics you can’t understand or the guys who lie and make September snow.

You and I we have learnt how to sway through these riddles, these puzzles, we know where to put the last piece, we here have learnt from our mistakes, from our unimaginable curses. From our indestructible past, from the last night’s nightmare, we have learnt and grew.

Kiss on the lips era, signifies a kiss that life exposes to us each and everyday, I am mature now, I can handle calamities , I can go through tremors, I can handle earthquakes, I can live in tsunamis, kiss on the lips era, earn era which had made me a lady from an ordinary girl, a lady in teenage dignity.

I am proud to own my soul, I have let my voice resonate in areas , I have let my words injure the things I dislike, I have used my thoughts to believe in my dreams, I believe and I try.

Today, my life isn’t what I thought it would be because it is better than that, I like it, I love my family, I have a long list of friends (100bestFriends), I have written my pages of life and I have started to live by my name.

They say, Look there she is, and I grace myself wherever my heart points to.

Who needs, whoever, I need my own self.

Kiss on the lips era, is wholly dedicated to my 11th year, 11th grade, to each moment I spent with my shadow, my books, my family, my girlfriends, my guy friends, my teachers, my Taylor Swift, my role models.

Of course, it is tough, cause we like silly idiots,

Let it look strange,

If we ever sprinkle our holy love on it,

It is just a lesson we would cherish forever.

To the girl in this lady.,

And to the people who went and stayed,

To the moment of love and repair,

I indeed fell in love with a reflection,

Of my own stare.



2 thoughts on “What is the kiss on the lips era ? 

  1. To your journey and to everything better and new… Hope life gives you many more such moments of relevation, hope, and positive change. 🙂
    Take care, Happy Blogging ♥

    Liked by 1 person

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