New novel, coming up.

I was stupid enough to give in 

To your demands

 He said some words, 

I believed in, 

He told me things,

I gave into, 

I never loved him right though, 

Never treated him equal ever, 

I continued like a causual pant, 

After a month of acclimatisation

I came back to live in a yet different climate, 

There is a guy in reality, 

But what I hold of him , is another gravity, 

He is a frictionless pulley, 

He is yes to my nonchalant whispered memories, 

He was always more than a sweetheart, 

And she was another lullaby, 

How he came to her was a shortage of love 

And how she ran from him, 

Was a helpless call to love, 

She has been writin since an April, 

I believe the completion of the novel, will be the end after all. 

for more details kindly increase your curiosity level. 


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