Kiss On The Lips Era: Realities.

Part 1

I remember the first day of this session, I was trembling while coping with my new stresses, what a stressful lady I am. It came how I wanted, just with its own bitterness of actual nothingness, who knew how I’d feel, a girl was left alone in a crazy zoo which was filled with past friends, not of hers but within themselves. Huh, I sighed, as I walked down that hallway, each morning with a thought that maybe that morning, would want to be nice to me, with a hope which was fragile, and a thought that was brittle, she carried on, left alone, trampled upon, in mazes, with her  worries. What a stressful lady she was.

Everything changed, from school life, to opportunites, from friends circle, to life priorities, from mood swings to bad-moods. Her diary was her way out. Who was she? Where is she? Is a thought I think about, to read more and know more I’d want you to put your own doubts and theories.


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