August beckons? April listens !

You took my heart in the month of April 

Thats what I wrote, 

I lent it from mid May till the end of July,

Do you think it’s funny to rewind a little mistake,

Do you feel I can take the pressures of ruined heart like you again, 

Baby say goodbye, to your old paradise which contained me 

Like a princess of old dreams, 

I am in my teenage years, I’ve got kisses to last

I’ve got nights to live

And rings to wear 

Not asking for your money, 

Like you did on your birthday 

You know I’m an open confession 

You’ve asked me several times for my possessions,

And if I am the one giving in again, 

Sins got to be mistaking you as my husband, 

I’ve got to a little runaways 

You’ve got to tell me everything 

Or darling, there are more people who get good grades 

On a little mistake of heartly friendship in this place 

Don’t take me granted, 

If you’re a grenade 

Just like the April, 

Don’t doom my August, 

Let me be Her, the old her.


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