Workaholic habits

Male dominance 

Over a female dream,

Words echoed while he screamed


10 thoughts on “Workaholic habits

  1. Long time,eh!
    This sucks..
    But basically that’s what is happening around and we have to try our best to keep Men aside from our Dreams.. Basically they shouldn’t be allowed to enter our Dreams..
    We can sustain without their Help.
    We don’t need their Help..

    Keep Smiling! 🙂

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    1. Hey Lady 💟
      Yes, it pains to know that you have got male dominance in your life, but let’s not worry, cause we are the generation who was born to revolutionise the customs and bring peace and love. Cause we got to shake it off. #Taylor swift reference, swifty till the end.
      I wonder, how you are doing in your paradise? May I get a ticket too?

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      1. Yes girl we are the ones who are gonna revolutionise the customs and those illogical traditions…
        Oh yeah Swifty till the end..

        Do you seriously need a ticket?! C’mon you’re my bestie.. you’re welcomed any time you’re free..

        Will be waiting for you..
        And sorry for the very late reply!!

        Keep Smiling!! :))

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      2. Oh yeah Sweetheart I am absolutely Fine.. I hope you too are fine! 🙂
        You don’t need a ticket there.. Just whenever you are free you are welcome! 🙂
        Ah Girl i miss you already! ❤

        Take Care! :))


      3. Well, I remember us, been a little-too-much-to-handle-happily-busy, I am sorry.
        Would love to keep close to you. Miss you. ❤
        I hope your magical heaven, is as sweet as my paradise.

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