the ignorance towards difference

Ignorance Towards Difference, a must read 🙂

Shy Ones


Maybe its just me, but the world always shuns anything different, peoples always look for new words to describe it, every generation has had its own word like freak, weirdo, scary, evil, psycho, crazy… look around you and you’ll see everyone is just the same, they all act the same, they are want to do what everyone is doing which is conform to the ideal of,” if it doesn’t look like us, walk like us or talk like us run from it.”

This is the ignorance towards difference, they want to imply that those of us that are wired different from the rest are what’s wrong with the world, and they seem to forget that those wired different are what keep the world interesting. You see the “ordinary” person is pretty damn easy to figure out, because the ordinary person is one track minded, he’d sooner shoot a person for…

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