HMUN, August Dreams.

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Life is all about acceptance and rejections, we all perceive things differently, acceptance leads to satisfaction, leads to peace, leads to happiness, leads to a noble nature, a stable mentality, a leaders soulWhere as rejections leads to energy, the most powerful negative energy, resentment, agitation,frustration, emptiness.

We all are mechanical schedules today, none of us has free periods in our life,  time doesn’t yield in front of any man, it is its own ruler. The same time, can be the best guide, only if a man learns to manage it in an efficient manner.
8 people decided to manage their time and channelise it to make the best use of it.
The world is an ever changing art of debates over several important topics and it is the need of 21st century to be an active citizen.
The rule makers are none but ordinary men who take it upon themselves to maintain Peace among people.
The Harvard model United Nations, is an international forum which allows students to understand the working of the world. Questions like, what are our ministers doing? Are they even working? What responsibilities do they have for us? What are their rights and duties? How do the countries maintain a proper relation between them?are countries indeed working towards a global world?
We walked in the gates of Hyderabad international convention centre on the morning of 13th of August, we had the whole world standing just in front of us. We weren’t Students there,  we were world citizens , we represented Kuwait.  Kuwait was our own personal property and it was our duty to go up to other nations and talk to them about their views and their wants from our nation. Delegates of unesco, who, disec, acd and sochum chose their paths and began their journey as a diplomat.
Every leader needs inspiration, motivation and energy for rejuvenation the muncafe had
Arranged speaker series for the 1200 delegates participating in the committee. Just as every new day begins with the sunrise , the delegates’ morning started with the speaker series, there were honourable speakers who gave speeches for the new honourable generation, Raghuram Rajan governor of reserve bank of India, Nandita Das actor social activist, ani choying drolma unicef goodwill ambassador to Nepal,
Birad yajnik fine print author, Santosh kumar professor flame university, William selvamurthy research scientist and academician were the the speakers in the speaker series and their role was to water the young seeds, the young diplomats.
The committee sessions, the real work space ,the delegates of 193 countries associated with un sat in the same hall, each ready to take on the world problems, each ready to surface their ideas on the current situation that plague the world, each ready to draft resolutions to try and make world a better place to live in.
The 7 delegates which have their roots from Kothari international family , with conviction and power talked about the needs of their respective committee.
Each committee had their own specific subject , on which the delegates had to provide solutions. The motions for moderated caucuses were passed, the delegates presented the data, the facts, the factual problems, the recommendations and their suggestions.
In the unmoderated caucuses delegates conjugated countries to make block, to gain simple majority, they took into consideration the different ideas of underdeveloped, developed and developing countries.
Each country has their own status of economic, social and cultural background, and for each country the policies must be carried out in a different way.
A pedestrian walking on the road is unknown to the complex maze that breathes between us, but a delegate has to keep each and every historic decision in his mind
Because he is the person who in his present State establishes a state of stability in the future for the country.
The delegates sat and concentrated , the delegates established a friendly relation between their respective countries or person and other countries. Position papers were written they dealt with the present and future problems that diseased the world, clauses were noted and amendments followed .
A solution is the end of a long process but it is the indication to new amendment which will follow it in the future. Problems aren’t indicators of failure, problems signify that we tried, and it tells us that we should have tried a little harder, a little better, and a little more.  The conference was not about which country is doing the best , it wasn’t about how a country is not doing the work to its maximum potential, it was about learning from the past and applying that knowledge to our future. On this note, the delegate of Kuwait would like to end this eventful report.
Special thanks to Our guide ms. Dipti Chawla, the hmun team, the harward university, our vice principal, our principal and our parents for letting a delegation of 7 unordinary students become a delegation of 7 active diplomats.

To the dreams, I have and to the lady I’ve become.

August13th – 15th a paradise.

To all the beautiful people I met and all the crazy experiences of mine.

Thankyou to Harward and MUN Cafe.

I am in love with myself. Thankyou Secret. ❤


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