To all the amazing people out there, here is an important notice for you all, I’ll be taking a leave from this blog till the 24th of September, I have my 11th grade exams, approaching.

I’ll be back soon. THANKYOU for all the love that you all have given me, I am pleased and honoured. Thankyou for letting me out up my thoughts and ideas freely here. 

I am glad that I could ever meet you all. 

Love, stay beautiful. 


Here is an unfinished piece I wrote yesterday, I hope you all like it. 


Do check out my channel at

Subscribe the channel @n.hyperventilates and like my videos if you’d like to. 

Thanking you. 


And for all of you there, October’s coming. 💋

Have a shining September. All love to you । 

And that’ll be it until I meet you again. 🌟


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