Teenage In Dignity : Glimpses

To all those beautiful people out there, 

THANKYOU for being sweet and kind to me , this first of October I turn 17 years, and I am more than thankful to each one of you for letting me be a part of your dictionary. 

Teenage in dignity is a book I wrote last year, I interviewed several people for this, I went out of my boundaries and had personal chats with people, soon, this novel will be published. I am in my 11th today, in two years Australia will welcome me. 

As you all know,  I am a neurologist in making , I am growing up to become one. 

Thankyou people. THANKYOU for all your love. 💟❤️

I am in love with you all, 

Foreverity in our relation . 

Nishita, a young little girl with dreams. 




10 thoughts on “Teenage In Dignity : Glimpses

  1. Your work is as amazing as you dear..Really surprised to know that such an early age you have so many innumerable talents …Keep going n inspiring…Wishing you oll d bst fr all ur endeavours my frnd…Stay blessed…♥♥♥

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    1. And you know what, I love you, THANKYOU so much. Today has been great and this is just a cherry on the top. So guess, I’ll be sending you lots of love, and THANKYOU so much for all your compliments, people like you inspire me, and ignite faith in me. So thankyou so much. 🐰 muahhhhh.

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      1. Muah…… THANKYOU so much, love. And yes, it will always be your kindest words that will echo in my brain and remind me I am precious. With love, and with people like you, and especially you, I walk. Loveeeeee.

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