He stood, there,

I can tell you the exact step,

2 steps of mine,

1 step of his,

And he looked at me,

In my eyes,

Just where you could see his reflection

He saw through my eyes,

I gazed at his heart,

And it was paradise,

Like always we only talked for a minute,

But I love him, not. In the way,

Where you say marry me,

Neither in the way, where you give meaningless roses-precious,

But I love him, in the way, I look at his eyes

And rest is a story I have written and went through often,

And just if he reads this, I would want him to know,

That his curly Hair are curvier than mine,

And his rude behaviour is more bad than mine,

And when he cares for me,

He cares the best,

And when he reserves seats, let here is no second best.

I love you, just for me to know.

And , for your kindest information, the guy after you and I are just friends.


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  1. Thats love. Sometimes crazy, sometimes desperate, sometimes limitless and not bound to anything at all. And then there is another kind of love – no expectations , no declarations.. Always hiding behind the thumping heart ❤

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