C++ Stories.


April Love.



33 thoughts on “C++ Stories.

      1. Sorrry!!! I am very sorry miss.. ik I have umm.. committed this crime a couple of times! Well I say it a crime cz I had promised you this time.. but trust me for a couple of days I didn’t have Internet and then I didn’t have time! Yeah I have to work so much!! You don’t even have any freaking idea what I am going through right now dear.. well if I was in front of you then I doubt you would have given me a chance to justify myself..
        I am sorry Nishita.
        I hope you’ll understand my circumstances.. 🙂

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      2. Akiraa, everybody is busy, and it is no doubt at all. I just wanted to know, no worries. I respect your life’s obstacles, I have got mine too. 🙂
        But they help me, and I know that your will help you too. THANKYOU for all the compliments, on Twitter. 🙂
        THANKYOU for giving me the unexpected explanation, it just tells me how important I am for you. 🙂
        P.s you are no criminal, super human?
        Ahhh a
        Everybody is a liar, until the honest becomes a lie.
        Poetic blood.

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