You decide. 

It’s a long road, and not all who walk with you support you forever, but if you have one crazy hell lot of crazy blood in your veins, you can done, what nobody has ever thought about. 

Thankyou, I am breathing, THANKYOU that am respiring , and THANKYOU that I am living. 

Cause not all who survive live, and not who love survive. (You see my words are beautiful, when my sleep is slowly taking over me) 

So, not all who love you, respect you, and not all who you love, are good. 

But there is only way one to live, out of my learnings I have learnt this. 

You can only and only continue if you do than think sitting in a pretty corner. 

How do I know this, cause I have always, well for like yes, always been the lady sitting in the corner , observing and remarking on people. 

The truth is if you take a corner seat, you are as good as dead. 

I am of the idea that if you keep sitting, and keep listing down their flaws one day, when you die that place will be filled up by your children, and then your grandchildren, cause that place that you take is the most easy survival technique, all you have to do is go on I am absent from this world thing. 

No, runaways don’t exist, because this earth is round, and even if it were square, there wouldn’t exist cause there is thing called sides again. 

My dear, I want you to live and not become a corner seat person. 

And do remember my words, cause this one day, which is rushing towards me I will be up, saying this on the stage in front of the human civilisation that I am who I want to be, and that corner seat where I left is still my area, just that now nobody is allowed to inhabit it. 

With love. 


A dreamer. 

Dr. Nishita. 


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