Where are we? Are we walking to forget ourselves.

Most of us, have forgotten one major thing, one very important thing, and it all comes down to this very subject, celebrations. 

Okay, when was the last time you danced, you danced like there was no tomorrow, when was the last time you knew nothing about you but you knew everything about the moment, when was the last time you smiled so big that you wanted the camera to capture it perfectly right????

The truth is we have forgotten. We have forgotten the art of celebration. I celebrate when I lose myself dancing with anybody. I lose myself when I am sleeping in on afternoons, and when I wake up it’s a new beginning for me. 

What we are missing is more than just celebration, we have forgotten how to rejoice, how to remember, how to let your past be a part of your present. I wish for you, what I wish for myself love and more of it. Celebrate, cause you never know when you might just get more to celebrate than right now. 

If you ever find yourself Unknown of the thing you want to celebrate of, celebrate your heartbeats, celebrate your organs working , celebrate the oxygen in the air, celebrate your vision, celebrate your fingernails, celebrate yourself. 

People ask me, what my novel is about, it’s about finding yourself, as I explain to them , I’ll explain here even, it is the kind of book which moves with you, it’s the kind of book which you cut pages of cause you can so relate to that quote, that paragraph, it is a story which I write about your life , my life, everyone’s life. I celebrate what is not celebrated, and when I write this I discover facts about me, which I myself don’t know. I am at ease. I am at peace. I am fine. And more than that I am happy. THANKYOU. 


Let me know, if you are interested to become a part of my novel.? Okay? 

No wait, I love you. 

And thankyou for being here, cause you know you want to smile, as much as I want to. 

Here’s to you. 🤓🤗🤖✍🏽🦁


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