Where are you? Yes, where are you? 

Okay. Simple. You are probably at your place or at work or at a bar or at a club or at school or at church or on moon or at the movies or

You could be living your dreams, those dreams that you believed in when you were little. how little? When you were 5 , when you were playing with your dog or playing with your own very best friend, when you build sand castles and believed that one day you’ll live in one. 

Where am I ? 

I am still thinkingI think I am there. 

We grew up, first we went to kindergarten, then to primary, secondary level, and then to the coaching centres, then to colleges and then….. Where do we go next, we get a job. Then? Then what? Yes, we listen to the society. *Silly me* then we get married. Have children and ruin their lives as well, and one day wish that we had dreamed like the other people, and just when we think or chose to believe, we lose ourselves, we die. 


I Am too young. I am very young, to talk of death. But that’s where we all are heading. Why do we run? Okay, because in races the one who runs wins. But , but, but in real life the one who runs, the one who runs very fast dies. 

Life isn’t about that one day we call our birthday or teachers day or thanksgiving day or wedding day or death day. Life consists of  the chains of memories we make. It’s November, can you honestly tell me the date without looking at your calendar or anything else. Let that aside, do you know what’s up with your friend who never comes online now? Do you remember the first day you met your girlfriend or the day you both called it a real relationship.

No you don’t. No you definitely don’t. And how can you. There is just no time. 

(((There is a secret to this. Listen listen listen….. You have to invest one thing in this. It’s not what you have earned out of those Facebook likes or Twitter retweets or the printed valuable paper in your wallet. It is that one thing because of which you are alive and kicking. )))You’ll have to invest  your faith and love in this. Life is an not a jury which picks on you, it is an unnamed element with undistinguishable chemical properties, which is beautiful and magical. 

Okay tell me, honestly. Did you steal the element of surprise and love from your child.  Do you tell your child that he is a bright star, do you give him a reward when he does something brilliant,  do you serve him with goodnight and morning kisses.? Tell me. 

If life is too short to believe in magic then life is shorter to bear bad people in your life.  -Nishita

I am not asking for much just a drastic change in your mindset, if someone believes in the magic and sparkles, let them cause good things respire. I am good and so are you. Just be good. Simple. Don’t overact. Do it love , nicely. And believe and dream, and have a crazy passion. These are just not words. There is a deep sea within them and you get an exclusive ticket for free to experience it. Live now . 

I love you, but I am not going to stay forever. Respect your name and others, we have got nothing but our name. And celebrate. 

Dr Nishita  


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  1. Wait.
    Hold on a second and look around you. What do you see ? Happy faces, sad faces, confused faces, many faces. Life, we are living it, slowly yet fast. But when you stopped and look around what did you see? Life. You saw life happening around you, in that frozen moment you saw a hundred perhaps a thousand emotions from people, emitting radiantly. But we are in a hurry. The phone rings, the car stops, the boss calls, the mother sends a message. Life, happening simultaneously. Concerned about tomorrow and the moment, the present is tucked away. Live now. Live each moment.

    Awesome post.
    Nicely written. 🙂

    Let me be honest with you, when I made castles as a kid, life was a unknown entity, a constant we substituted to every passing second. But what if I told you I never wanted to see today? What if I told you that there was a point, a little early in life, the future looked hazy, gloomy, dark and empty. I still the same emptiness surrounding me. Live? Sorry, but it is a burden.

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    1. Greetings 🙂
      THANKYOU for your heartwarming comment.
      I understand the fact that sand castles and real cement houses have a thin line of reality between them.
      And I do even understand sadness and all those negative emotions.
      But the thing is if for example a person likes something bad and then that person likes the bad thing for a long time, he starts to like the bad thing and this is the problem. I figured this out today that us humans, are simply weird, if we like something for a long time bad for instance we feel it’s right and we cant help but like it more. Think about it.
      We live once, and once is enough if we eat ice creams in midnight. 🙂 🙂
      Nishita. 🙂

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      1. Greetings. 🙂
        I’m glad you feel so, doc. 🙂

        The thin line of reality that we grow up eventually and understand what is really happening.
        It’s about figuring out what’s right and what’s wrong. Yes, we are weird. And its also true that overtime and overexposure to something we tend to develop fondness towards it.
        But a hope lost once is hard to get back.

        We live once, and there are people who don’t eat ice cream, ever, or may be its just me.


      2. The icecream thing was just a so me thing. People dont, but they should 🙂
        And life’s a palette of changing colours we tend to cope with it. 🙂 it is okay and not okay at the same time 🙂 I guess faith and hope are just not those words you put up with and balance there are seas real deep and once you dive in them, you become one of those people whose quotes you read and relate to. I can go on and on. But I believe that you should try and be a little more good to yourselves, and try eating ice-creams at midnight. 🙂
        all the best, may the next moment bring you and invitation of new hopes. 🙂


      3. Yeah, it’s most people’s thing.
        It gives me tonsils, so I’ve stopped having it.

        Totally agree with you. And there are a few who lost their way, and haven’t seem to found their way.
        Yes. The sea is real deep and that faith and hope don’t balance themselves, unless one tries to and if that one person is not sinking deep into the ocean.

        Haha. Thanks. Will try. But for me, that shop has sailed.
        Aren’t you to kind? Thank you. And I wish the same for you. 🙂


      4. Thankyou alot for all your beautiful comments. I am this girl growing up in magical palaces of her dreams 🙂
        I hope you sail across this dead sea soon. Waiting for you on the other side. 🙂
        And guess what once in a while, do remind yourself how precious you are to your ownself. 🙂
        Thanks !

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      5. My pleasure. 🙂
        You got me curious, how old are you ?

        I hope to sail across soon too. But I am kinda lost at the moment.

        Aren’t you sweet? Will see you on the other side, hopefully someday. 🙂

        Ah, I am not, unfortunately. But thanks nevertheless.

        You thank a lot. 😀


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