Are you ready? I am.

I am growing up,and there is possibly everything I have.I am grateful. BUT, as I believe if you are grateful then you got to share it with others who aren’t.Its a project. Its a dream. its a desire. Its an honour. It is a sky full of beautiful colours.


Are you ready?  We have already started this.Contribute-Distribute- Tribute.


What is this? It is a movement. It is an approach. It is an initiative. To draw in a change. To draw in criticism. To go against the society. To do what hasnt been done. It is a change.

Ponder upon these questions:

  1. If you wouldnt have invested half of your life in school what would you have done?
  2. Do you believe the kind of education is being imparted is being done in a right manner ?
  3. If you were to list out the different styles of teaching methods what would have they been?
  4. How scared are you of the society?
  5. Would you want your children to go through the same kind of rote learning, invest their time in something they are not interested in or not supposed to indulge in?
  6. Are the school systems adequate?
  7. What does the changing face of student education system look like?
  8. Is a student’s life all about teaching centres from one to the other? If yes, then why isn’t every child succeeding in his field?
  9. Why doesnt every child get employed ?
  10. Is there something missing.?
  11. Is our education system leading us somewhere we are not ready to go?
  12. Are you ready?
  13.  Cause I am.


What are we searching for? What are we waiting for? Let’s start, its a collaborative movement. We are in it.

Dr. Nishita




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