What is the so bad about you? You are an inflated balloon of negativity. And I unwanted lay respect you, leave alone my love. What is is about you that makes you such a cruel and mean person. Come on, I can’t be faulty every time.

Who are we? Yours or just on our own. We are pests I remind myself, I am a quote you have to bear in mind as you walk through the lanes of your mind maps. You are a very puzzled person. The amount of hatred you have for me, is commendable. I have told myself there will be a time when you might learn to appreciate me, but the words okay resonate as I live. Who am I ? Or who are you?

I am miles away from you, still in front of you. I have a white flag in my hand, begging for peace, if not let me be, you go on your way. You are a hot tea without sugar, you are a surveillance camera. You are not good. I am writing letters about you in my mind and in my hands. Forgive me for being sweet to you. You are heartless, but I have a heart. Thankfully I am much better than you.

You teach me things, that I couldn’t have learned otherwise. Like how should one actually not preach abou things, but follow them. You are a pompous show. You are knife, that slottered breeds like me. What do you want, of not much I’ll pay you. Name your price. You are a thunderstorm, but then thunderstorms are much sweet if I compare them to you. Who are you? You are no good. Name your price?You can go on and on, and tell me stories of how you’ve been brave when the truth itself speaks for it, you are a coward. You are a very big whoever think you are. But you are no good. I use my power to free myself of the bonds I might have with you, your actions Instill in me faith of possibilities.

There they are waiting for me, gazing at me. You are a monster dressed in one the most ridiculous outfit, if I were to say I would indeed recite this to you. It’s not even anger anymore, it is a stale a very unhealthy 11:00 am feeling that I have towards you. Tears used to roll down, now only words do of wisdom.

Repeated nicely.


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