It is our time. 

6th December 2015 : 

Greetings, I am Nishita. 🙂 

And this is where I begin from. I wished to start now, so this is the first step I take. 

Only those who suffer wish to change, wish to make a difference. 

What is missing in the education system today? 

Oh? Or have you not pondered about this fact ever. I am a student. I am, and I believe that the system it is, the road we are bound to take, won’t take us at a better position than our predecessors. 

Going to institutions and passing exams, is not knowledge. 

Spending thousands on education is not knowledge. 

And believing that our present education system is right, is definitely not right. 

Wake up. Do your bit. 

It is our time. 

Not just mine, ours. 

Think about the little ways in which we together can change the education system, 

Because if we don’t,even our children won’t. 

Do it now. Even if you are wrong, your change will lead up to do something. 

Try, now. 




6 thoughts on “It is our time. 

  1. My sentiments exactly!! And therein lies the conundrum of desiring to further educate yourself knowing you must do it within our current educational system that is truly flawed to say the least! And don’t get me wrong, I am an advocate of education, which my undergrad/graduate and law school student loans can attest to, lol! But it’s so refreshing to hear this perspective from younger students! Keep up the good work Nishita!! 🙂

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    1. THANKYOU so much for being here and understanding my view point. It’s unimaginable how things are, and what we are leading to, but I bet it is not good. ✍🏽 and we hereby need to make it better. 🙂 THANKYOU 🙂
      THANKYOU 🙂

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