Cruelty Of Society.

A 7 letter word.

We are directionless. We are hopeless. We are moveless. We are bangless. We are speechless. We are freedomless. We are formless. We are despicable. We are crazeless. We are dreamless.  We are romanceless. We are lifeless. We are funless. We are selfless. We are emotionless. We are careless. We are nothing. But…… WE WERE Born to be.

What do those Birds up in the sky eat? Do they nibble the clouds for their dinner or Eat a star or two. -Enid Blyton

We all are energy particles, we are not waste.

We all are love particles, we aren’t critics’ comments.

We all are lovely, we weren’t born to be bullied.

We all were born to be loved, we weren’t born to cut ourselves.

We all were born to take selfies, we weren’t born to see other people’s paps.

We all live to live, we don’t live to survive.

We all have…

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