22nd December 2015 :) 

Whoever you feel doesn’t feel you the same.

I wrote this quote on my desk, in vague mindset, and the next day I came to realise how much meaning it has to itself.

I am here. And I feel till the extent I can feel.

Truth being whoever you feel doesn’t feel you the same.

I am here to thank two amazing people who have nominated me for these amazing awards:

I am always up, thinking about an idea, thinking about an incident, chasing my dreams and of course studying.

THANKYOU two of those amazing people. Do check their blogs they are great 👍🏼

THANKYOU Alfa and Ame. You guys are amazing. 🙂 THANKYOU for all your love and time.

(As I listen to lady in red at 11:44pm)

So, here are the awards I have been nominated for :

  1. The versatile blogger awardx2
  2. The infinity dreams award
  3. Blogger recognition award
  4. The creative blogger award
  5. The liebster blog award
  6. Premio dardos bloggers

THANKYOU so much. 🙂

I nominate the following people :

  1. Atomic words
  2. Nishthur Anadi
  3. Izza Ifzaal
  4. Empress2inspire
  5. Madie h
  6. Chiruhr
  7. Richard ankers
  8. Rehman Jafar
  9. Priyanki
  10. Meenas17
  11. Locz4lyfe
  12. A pondering mind
  13. Aubreys arch
  14. Raina petkoff
  15. Ashiakira
  16. Syedajazahmednajir
  17. Upen reddy
  18. Richard
  19. She writes of life
  20. Galantic Phoenix
  21. Pschopathgetsbored28
  22. Moony
  23. Sunny
  24. Pejasmine697
  25. Humanity777

Get to know Nishita:

  1. I call myself dr. Nishita.
  2. I love Taylor swift.
  3. I want to be a gypsy still.
  4. I am a foodie
  5. I am a writer, I have written a novel, it’s called “teenage in dignity”
  6. I am a youtuber in making, you could see me here : n hyperventilates
  7. And I am a science student .
  8. You got no right to criticise any body. 🙂

24 thoughts on “22nd December 2015 :) 

  1. But for your views: Sometimes the person is feeling the same yes the feeling is mutual but it’s just the circumstances which prevents the person from acting according to the other person. Life cannot be planned dear and it doesn’t listen to us before take a turn.. yes I agree as they say that if you want to spare some time for a particular person then you’ll spare it no matter what. But sometimes the other person have to understand.. yes I know you gave me almost 2 damn months but trust me girl I tried. I can swear on my mother no I am swearing on my mother I had written the whole thing on twitter but due to no Internet connection the msg was deleted.. It’s upon you to trust me or not cz I cnt force a person to trust me..

    Take care 🙂


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