Coloured In RED

Where the signs of your beginnings are not respected, nothing can be said about your rate of survival chances. – Nishita


Urgh! Eww! Ahhh! Arghhhh! These are the private trademarked signs with which most of us greet the signs of something special and wonderful.

Why? Are we ashamed?

The red mark which proudly stands for the blood of a woman, that very blood which if had been, then would have resulted in a new life. 🙂

The same red speck which might be seen as a sign of dirt, is indeed a sign of life and new changes in every woman’s life.

Then why is it that we don’t regard it with love? Every human toils day and night to only keep its species alive and yet we do not welcome such signs? Why?The red spot on your bedsheet, on your white dress, on your favourite car seat is a sign that you hold the power to create changes.

Humans, if we as society do not respect the love we attain, the respect ,  we are nothing but soldiers to our anger and ego.

And each man who possess self demand of anger is another progeny of devil.

Respect each blood cell of the woman you love and have in your life. There is a magic she can create, with you. She is suffering from pain, go give her your love ❤






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