Happy Beings. :)

She ignited a faith in me, I let go of easily in the start of an April.

Proud sister alert. 

What are you waiting for ?

If it’s a battLe, your faith is your armour. If it’s a ride you have your safety guards.

If it’s a competition you have the knowledge and skill.

And if it’s lie you know the rules.

Appreciate the lines on the back of your hand they are a sign of art, and they are your to keep.

Appreciate your body weight, you are perfectly normal.

Appreciate your good grades and not so good grades you earned them.

Appreciate the person who smiles at you, you must have been nice that is why they are good to you.

Appreciate your emotions.

Appreciate your waste line.

Appreciate your foot size

Appreciate your nails.

Appreciate  your hair.

Appreciate and let appreciation handle it.



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