My honest heart

I am into you, more than you were into her.

I am not saying a yes to your proposal that you lay in front of her while you did your duty in the open hallway, I am being optimistic about your fragile hope and my careful heart.

In my summer, I took a ticket to a phase, and I met who I proudly and legitimately call my Mr. April Love.

Who he is, where he is. Neither do I know, nor does he know.

He is an image my brain, he is a dream I fight for, he is a love in a  heartbreaking city, he was my reserved seat, he is the first to write a poem on me, and if we call it love, he is the first and the last of his type I would ever want.

Some phonecalls make you write novels, and some lead you towards your first kiss.

Mine lead me towards a summer novel. ❤

While I still linger in his mind, and I still fight with him time to time, the April love man is somewhere lost in the city of hope.

I don’t want him back, all he was to me a wave of tears and a ray of sundriven love. If I were to say, I loved the way you talked low to me, and I will never forget each time you mentioned me in your amazingly weird conversations. I might say that one day if you are ever intelligent you’ll understand why I pulicaly told everyone about you.

And for the secrets I have in my heart, I wrote them on pages and posts, I have cried, I have been ill, and I have been bad, but it wouldn’t have been without you.

I have loved you. And I guess more than anything you should know that.

I know you were jealous of him, maybe because I was happier with him, but my relation with you will be always simply complicated, if I am the light you are the shadow in my mind, and if I am rain, you are the untimely rainbow I want.


And maybe you should take care of your new girlfriend more, stop worring about me. Or she’ll abuse you more than I did.

Mr. April Love.



12 thoughts on “My honest heart

  1. He must have ruins too ,
    I must say , for sure,
    for the love he must have given ,
    has caused so much of a newness in you.
    All that I know of him, is obviously less than you do.

    I’m sure you know this line –
    Even if you say ‘love hurts’, but it is always true that ‘ Love never ends’. – Mr. April Love.

    He never wanted you to be called his,
    he only wanted to be yours.
    But now that he is yours,
    he lives in his own fantasy.
    Ask him is he happy?
    Ask if his girlfriend exists,
    Ask him to speak truth,
    I’m sorry, what you’ll listen,
    may hurt you too.

    That’s what we understand, by analysing your hand.

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