She Turned 17

A 7 letter word.

Goodnight, I said.

And my loveliest sister tried to sleep.

She knows me more than my inner soul, she has seen me grown up, she knows when I’m angry, when I’m crazy, when I’m happy.

She knows those little things about me, she can predict my conversations with her, she can vouch for my rejections, and she can make me happy effortlessly, and that is how it seems to me.

She is Angelic. 

*She is younger to me*

Me Smiles.

It is my birthday, or as I would say birthdate without the year in 40 minutes from now.

And I wanted to spend the last mintues of me being 16 thanking all the people I’ve known, all the people who’ve loved me, made me happy, distured me, hated me, disliked me deeply, and made me hyperventilate, to all those who for even a second had something to me,I wanted to…

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